The PHFD is always accepting applications for volunteer firefighters from residents of Park Hills and nearby communities. For the past 75 years, the Park Hills Fire Department has developed a reputation for providing excellent training for its personnel. With dedicated members, state-of-the-art equipment, and the support of city leadership, the citizens of Park Hills have come to expect a high level of service that the PHFD prides itself in providing. 

Applicants must meet certain minimum requirements to become a member:
-At least 18 years age at time of application
-Possess a valid Kentucky driver's license
-Ability to attend department drills and calls for service
-Have the time and committment needed to become a PHFD firefighter

Approximately 70% of fire departments nationwide are classified as volunteer. While the different departments share similar values, each one trains and responds to emergency calls in a different manner. In Park Hills, due to most of our volunteers having daytime jobs, there are typically two part-time firefighter/EMT's that are present in the firehouse Monday-Friday, 9a-5p. When emergency calls come in during the evenings and weekends, volunteer members typically respond to the firehouse from home, then proceed to the scene with PHFD equipment. 

Weekly training drills are conducted every Tuesday night, beginning at 730pm. Additional comprehensive training is available to members. This training includes a 4-month fire recruit school that provides graduates with a national firefighting certification, and a 5-month EMS course that provides the necessary course to obtain an EMT certification.  Opitonal state and local fire schools are also available throughout the year.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a great way to give back to your community. No prior experience is necessary, and the department provides all training, uniforms and equipment at no cost. Our active members range in age from 18-65. We are students, parents, "9-5’ers," and everything in between. The trait we have in common is our desire to give back to our community. In its simplest form, the Park Hills Fire Department is a group of neighbors helping one another in their time of need. Once joined, members become part of a tight-knit fraternity who spend time together at department social functions, training events, and even outside the FD.

We encourage those who are interested in becoming part of our tradition to contact the PHFD using our "Contact Us" page. PHFD membership applications are also provided below.