Engine 603 is the most recent apparatus addition to the Park Hills Fire Department. E-603 is a 2010 Seagrave pumper with a 500 gallon tank and a 1500 gpm Hale pump. It also has an increased seating capacity with a 6-man cab. E-603 is the first due engine for PHFD.

Year/Model: 2010 Seagrave
Pump Size: 1,500 gpm
Tank Size: 500 gallons
Storage Space: 24,518 cu ft.
Seating Capacity: 6 firefighters
Hose Carried: 2,540 feet
Generator: Built-in 8 KW
Engine Size: Cummins ISL 400
Horsepower: 400 hp
Various Equipment Carried:
     Halmatro Extrication Tools       
     Multiple sets of veh. cribbing & stabilizers  
     EMS First Responder Equipment with AED 
     2 Thermal Imaging Cameras  
     Mercury Portable Masterstream Monitor
     Top-mounted Masterstream  Monitor
     Scott SCBA Systems (5)
     Forcible Entry Toolkit     
     Helicopter LZ Kit  
     Water Rescue Equipment
     Salvage Equipment
     Foam Inductor with 20 gallons of foam
     Various Extinguisher types
     Chainsaws (3)
     "Hotstick" Voltage Detector
     2 interior electricity indicators
     Mulit Gas Detector
     Ladders- 10' 14' and 24'  
     PPV and Electric Vent Fans     
     Rapid Intervention Team equipment 
     Various hand tools