Open Burn Information


Limited Open Burning is permissible in the City of Park Hills only between the months of October and April and must follow 401 KAR63:005 (section 4 and 5) along with these guidelines:

  • Only sticks, twigs or limbs may be burned- (NO construction debris, trash, or treated lumber).
  • All burning must be at least 50ft. from any structure, and have a water hose readily available.
  • Burning is not permitted during high winds or declared Fire Emergency.
  • NO leaves may be burned at any time.
  • Fires creating a nuisance or producing excessive amounts of smoke will not be permitted.
  • Any fire shall not be in excess of 5’ x 5’.
  • Open burning other than commercially made fire places shall cease by 6 PM.
  • Fires must never be left unattended.*Notification of the Park Hills Fire Department prior to Any Open burning other than Outdoor Fireplaces is required.

The KY Division of Air Quality restricts ALL Open burning between the months of May and September in the State of Kentucky. For additional information please see

*Recreational fires in commercially made outdoor metal fireplaces and chimeras are permitted within the city throughout the year. However, please remember they are subject to the above safety guidelines.

ANY fire will be subject to extinguishment if found to be causing an unnecessary disturbance to the neighborhood. PLEASE be courteous to your neighbors.


BURNING FOR LARGE SCALE LAND CLEARING: When large piles will be burned, the permitted must use a mechanical blower of the type to accelerate clean burning. This blower must be approved by the Park Hills Fire Department prior to the start of burning. EPA regulations state that emissions from such fires shall not be greater or equal to 40% opacity. There shall also be at least one piece of earth moving equipment, with an operator, on site, until the fire is completely extinguished. This piece of equipment shall be capable of covering the burn area quickly in case of emergency. The 6 P.M. extinguishment time may be waived if the burn will be attended at all times until complete extinguishment.

For any questions or information regarding open burning regulations please contact the Park Hills Fire Department at 431-4333.