History of the Park Hills Fire Department


The Park Hills Fire Department was established in 1942 to provide fire protection services to Park Hills, as well as the surrounding communities of Ft. Henry, Ft. Perry, Meyer Ridge, and Lookout Heights. The Covington Fire Department had previously provided these services, but in 1942, they demanded a 400% increase in costs. Rather than pay this increase, city leadership decided that it would make more financial sense to create its own fire department; hence the Park Hills Fire Department was born.
The original membership of PHFD was comprised of Civil Defense Volunteers, as well as auxiliary police officers. The first appointed Fire Chief was Norbert Brahm, a former Clifton firefighter. The department purchased a used pumper for $500 and began a twice-a-week training regimen for members. From 1976 to 2004 the department operated its own BLS life squad, but these services were eventually contracted out to the Fort Wright Fire Department; who still provide ALS medical services for the city today. 
Today, the Park Hills Fire Department is primarily comprised of trained volunteers, as well as part-time members who help provide coverage during the Monday-Friday daytime hours. Firefighter training consists of once a week drills, a 4-month regional fire recruit class, and a 5-month regional EMT class. The department operates two rescue pumpers, a utility truck, a command vehicle, and a staff car.